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What Landlords Want Renters to Know

renters in the Bay Area

Landlords want what everyone with an investment wants: returns without the hassle.

Renters who are looking to make it into their dream property but cannot seem to catch a break are not unlucky. Often, they violate one of the vital rules every landlord has for their property.

Are you looking to move into a new property? Follow these landlord tips to become their first choice.

1. Read Your Lease

A landlord knows when you have read your lease because the answer to every common question rests in those pages.

Take 15 minutes to read your lease or even send it to a lawyer or accountant if you have one. Understanding what you agreed to will prevent costly mistakes and keeps you in the landlord’s good books.

2. Set Up a Back-Up Payment for Paying on Time

Landlords want two things: rent paid on time and undamaged property. For those of us who religiously pay on time, we cannot understand how these two basic premises are so hard to come by in the world of renters.

Step up your commitment to the property by leaving a check for the landlord to cash in the event you forget to pay on time. It demonstrates your commitment and covers your back in case you go on your dream vacation and leave all your cares and responsibilities behind.

3. They Will Find Out About Your Pet

Think you can sneak in your bird, rabbit, weasel, turtle, cat, or teacup poodle? Think again.

Landlords now look you up online for a more in-depth reference check. If you claim “no pets” on your application but declare yourself “a cat lady” on Instagram, be prepared for rejection.

4. They Hate Turnover

Landlords do not want to evict you.

It is true. They would rather wait two days for unpaid rent than change the locks while you are at work.

Finding new tenants is excruciating. It requires a new investment in cleaning, advertising, and reference checking, not to mention the lost rent from months of no occupancy.

More importantly, even if their current tenant is not a dream tenant, the next person is an unknown, which is even worse.

Good tenants mean consistent income, which is valuable in the rental market.

If you are having a stressful month or you cannot meet an increase in rent, do not give up. Talk to your landlord. Providing a brief respite to you may be simpler and cheaper for both of you.

5. Good Credit Is Better than Good References

Good references help land better apartments, but all landlords know that another landlord will say anything to get a bad tenant out of their place.

What is the best way to win over a new landlord? Good credit.

Good or excellent credit is essentially a love letter to your landlord because it shows that you live within your means and pay your bills on time.

Find Your New Landlord

Renting is not rocket science. Be honest with your landlord about what you offer, and your landlord will be more accommodating.

Are you looking for a new rental in Belmont, California? Contact us to find your next dream property.

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