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How to Appeal to the Millennial Renter in the Bay Area

millennial renter

Trying to make your apartment rental in the Bay Area more appealing to the millennial crowd? Well, your head’s in the right place.

Millennials have a very different apartment checklist than other generations when they go apartment hunting. While Baby Boomers may be looking for safe, single-family homes, the average millennial’s mind is in a very different place.

What is a millennial and what makes them tick when hunting for apartments in the Bay Area? Let’s find out.

What Makes Someone a Millennial?

Did you know that millennials represent over 25 percent of the United States population?

That’s a much bigger representation than their Baby Boomer parents and is much more diverse as well.

Millennials make up the part of our population born between the years of 1982 and 2000. Their name comes from the fact that they came of age during the beginning of the new millennium.

Eco-Friendly Options Top Their Apartment Checklist

What’s at the top of the list for a millennial renter?

It may surprise you, but a top priority for the average millennial renter is quite selfless. Statistics show that 76% of this generation is focused on environmentally friendly efforts. How does this affect what they look for in a Bay Area apartment rental?

Eco-friendly options are widely available for many appliances and fixtures these days. From water-saving options, such as low-flush toilets, eco-friendly showerheads, and faucets, to lightbulbs, which conserve energy, to recycling and composting options, these efforts are sure to attract a millennial crowd.

Pet-Friendly Rentals

The clear majority of millennials are pet owners, so making sure that rentals are pet-friendly is definitely on the apartment checklist of these home-hunters.

It means outdoor areas for pets to run and play, a community that has pet-friendly parks, and a home with an easy area to wash pets. Want to add a special touch for rental viewings? Add a pet bed so that these millennials can envision their furry friend living comfortably.

Location, Location, Location

Because millennials are reproducing at the slowest rate of any generation thus far, they are less concerned with living in quiet neighborhoods close to good school districts. Instead, they prefer to be close to their place of work and trendy conveniences, such as bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and show venues.

You can be sure that a centralized location will be on a millennial renter’s apartment checklist.

Wrapping Up

To appeal to the millennial crowd when renting in the Bay Area, make sure to keep these tips in mind. Considering the world in which most millennials grew up will point you in the right direction to appeal to this unique class of renters.

From proximity to modern-day conveniences and entertainment to eco-friendly digs and pet-friendly areas, millennials are easy to cater to once you begin to think like one.

Have any questions or comments? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. We’re here to help.

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