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How to DIY your rental space without violating your lease

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Do you have an apartment with a great location? Perhaps you love where you live but it is feeling a bit out dated. Renters have the hard decision of changing their living space, as it could violate their lease agreement. However, you want to make the place your own, and there are tons of ways you can accomplish this.

Many people do not want to put much work into a rental as they do not own the property. Some landlords do not even allow tenants to paint the walls, which can pose as a challenge for those wanting to change the look of a room. There are hundreds of DIY ideas that can give your apartment or rental home a brand-new look.

Cabinet Handles

Updating cabinet handles is relatively cheap and can change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. It will also help you make a bold and beautiful statement in a room with ease. There are loads of options to choose from, such as leather pulls, stone, glass knobs, or classy acrylic and metal combos. Cabinet handles can be unique and make a room really stand out. It will be easy to keep the old handles and knobs and reinstall them before you move.


Lighting can make a huge impact on a room. You will find most apartments have ceiling mounts, which can easily be updated with a new fixture. A new lighting fixture can brighten a room and make it feel larger. It can also set the ambiance for an area. You may choose to install a dimmer which will allow you to change the lighting according to the mood.

Light Switch Plates

There are tons of decorative light switch plates, which can help pull a theme of your room together. Plus, it will be easy to uninstall and take them with you if you decide to move. You may choose a plate with decoration or a simple stainless steel or brush metal plate. No matter what you choose, this simple change can have an impact.


Faucets can become a focal point in a bathroom or kitchen. There are some beautiful faucet options on the market. You can go with something bold or simple, but it will make an impact on its surroundings.

Other options include changing curtains, buying a furniture piece that is bold or pleasing to the eye, updating linens or decorative pillows. No matter what you decide to do with your space always try to make sure it is something you can take with you when moving. This allows you to spend money on updates without having to leave them behind. These updates will allow you to go for the apartments in a great location, and change the interior of it with some easy DIY ideas.

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